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Dare to dream and bold things can happen. That's the sort of brave, innovative thinking that inspired us to create the Bold New Civic. In fact, the internationally-awarded 10th generation Civic elevates small car sophistication to a whole new benchmark.

From its low, muscular stance emerges a roofline inspired by the world’s most elegant sporting coupes. Contoured wheel arches perfectly frame a set of 17-inch alloy wheels*, while a futuristic array of LED Daytime Running Lights give the exterior of the New Civic a bold appeal. The careful detail continues within, where a flawlessly arranged dash awaits. Premium, soft-touch surfaces combine with high-tech gadgetry like electrostatic volume control, dual-zone climate control* and push button start# to satisfy your every creature comfort. And if all this seems generous, so too will the Civic’s practicality – with improved visibility in front and more boot space in the rear..

Car Details & Features

A Dream to Drive

On the road, we wanted the New Civic to feel urgent and in command. A thrilling drive like nothing before it. So we started by inventing a whole new engine. Introducing Honda’s first ever 1.5 litre VTEC turbocharged engine. Equipped with the latest in Honda’s revolutionary Earth Dreams Technology, this direct-injected powerplant generates an impressive 127kW with the ruthless efficiency of just 6 litres of fuel per 100km*. And for traditionalists, there’s the refined 1.8 litre i-VTEC option generating a handsome 104kW.

Both come paired to Honda’s all-new Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT), intuitively discerning the optimum gear ratio for smoother, more rapid acceleration. We’ve helped that along even further by crafting a lighter yet more rigid chassis. Together with a revised independent suspension setup, the Civic leans into corners with sheer confidence. A lower centre of gravity and wider track boosts stability, gripping the road even at high speeds. Because to stay ahead in today’s world it helps to be able to reinvent yourself

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